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Helping you become more connected, clear and courageous so that you can amplify your impact and live a thriving, aligned life.

What is The Zebra Crossing Project™?

A number of courses, 1:1 coaching pathways and a collective specifically designed for the zebras of the world, to safely cross from the ordinary into the extraordinary, or the difficult into the desirable. It is a journey to cultivate authentic and intuitive living to harness a life of deep purpose and personal power. The Project is holistic, recognising that the roadblocks to a thriving and purposeful life can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Who are these zebras?

The inspiring and unconventional humans I get to support on this journey.

Imagine standing in the grasslands of Southern Africa, looking out into the field. The one thing that stands out, that doesn’t blend in, is the zebra. Zebras are unique. Zebras are curious, courageous and cooperative. Their stripes embrace the light and the dark, the yin and
the yang, with no two being the same.

Does this sound like you?
Are you a zebra soul?


Giving back

As zebras, we care about country and community.

As part of The Zebra Crossing Project™, we believe it is integral to give back, to support others who are in need to safely cross from hardship into health and harmony. We donate proceeds from our offerings to not-for-profits we believe in, that share our values.

Hi, I’m Sophia Harvey.

Leadership and Wellbeing Specialist.

My sweet spot?
Guiding heart-centred humans from the limbo of overwhelm, indecision or ‘stuckness’ to a new normal where innovation and intuitive listening become second nature.

It’s a holistic journey you can experience as part of The Zebra Crossing ProjectTM: The safe space to cross from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

My passionate pathway into empowered & purposeful living for curious zebras like you began with a near-death experience

It involved the risky cocktail of burned-out-criminal-lawyer Sophia, a rogue tractor and shushing my gut feeling.

I'm Intrigued
sophia harvey portrait

“Sophia has invited me into a new way of being, one where I feel more confident to live my full expression. The space Sophia creates for strangers to come together and feel safe to share is incredible. The energy she brings to her group work inspires vulnerability and openness. Being in the shared space has expanded my own emotional awareness and my willingness to be seen.”


- Seamus

Do you know what it feels like to wonder...

...Whether there’s an emergency escape from this cycle of chaos and calm?

...Whether there’s a magical shelter from the tsunami of life?

...Whether you’ll ever make decisions that just feel right?

...Whether this really is it?

It’s tiring. And It’s frustrating. Am I right?

If you’re stuck wondering then join a group of like-minded souls in The Zebra Crossing Project™

Looking for a one-of-its-kind community for curious souls?

The Zebra Collective is the expansive membership for curious souls ready to deepen the unique relationship with themselves and the world around them beyond the Zebra Crossing Program.
Let's Chat
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Prefer to go on this journey 1:1?

I open up a limited number of private coaching opportunities each quarter for Zebras who love to explore without their dazzle (AKA your herd of fellow zebras).

Sounds like you?

It all starts with a Chat

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