About The Zebra Crossing Project

Holistic Change coaching and facilitation for heart-centred humans wanting to amplify their impact and live an aligned life.

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Every zebra comes with its own unique pattern.

They’re courageous, curious and won’t fit in the box.

The same goes for us zebra souls.

We have our unique ideas, hopes and aspirations for a more co-operative and caring world.
Whatever they look like…
…they deserve to shine.
YOU deserve to shine!


“Sophia's grounded and playful nature, her depth and wealth of knowledge and her extraordinary life experiences, along with her exceptionally creative, refreshingly honest and down-to-earth style of teaching, will keep you fully engaged, challenged and begging for more.”


- Rawia

The Zebra Crossing Framework™ empowers you to embody your stripes in all their glory

Whether you long for…

...A new way of understanding and experiencing the world

...A deeper connection with your mind, body and spirit

…A new way of understanding you in relationship with the world

…A space for you to discover new ways of being

Or acceptance in being in your full and purposeful expression...

The Zebra Crossing Framework™ is designed for you. It is the perfect intersection of spirituality, psychology and science.

It helps you to explore who you are more deeply, expand your authentic connection (and *sparkle*), and express your unique self whole-heartedly, empowering you to live a purposefully aligned life.

It’s your permission to slow down and nourish yourself, to connect with your inner truth.

And it helps you to safely cross from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Come on in, courageous Zebra

I’m Sophia Harvey

Leadership and Wellbeing Specialist and lover of the inner landscapes of humanity.

Let me take you down memory lane. To 2004, to be precise.

It was the year that ‘burned-out criminal lawyer’ became my middle name and the emotional impact of one too many human rights cases finally caught up with me.

I needed to switch off. I needed to step away.

So, my then boyfriend and I escaped to Central America on what was meant to be the adventure of a lifetime. And I honestly had every intent to emerge stronger on the other side.

What I didn’t know was that one split second in Cuba would shift my perspective and take my life down a completely different path.

That day, things started to derail when I ignored the swirling, stabbing sensations in my belly that told me to give the horse ride a miss. Two hours later, I found myself under a tractor barely breathing with a punctured lung, internal bleeding and a shattered leg.

In those moments of being squished into the earth, on the precipice of death, I experienced oneness with everything. It was an incredible feeling. I became what I can only describe as the essence of love. I woke up to the truth of my intuition. And I awoke to an innate desire to support myself and others to be in a deep space of loving connection. I understood that this is essential if we are to create the compassionate,
caring world I had always longed for.

That moment saw me commit to my own holistic self-development process, still integral to my life. Meditation, embodiment practices and nature connectivity keep supporting me into more love and self-trust.

It also shifted my career towards international humanitarian work, indigenous community development, and trauma-focused counselling for refugees, before a lengthy period in holistic psychology.

It’s this breadth of lived experience that has sparked a fundamental passion to support curious, caring souls like you to trust your inner authority and live a deeply purposeful, aligned life.

That’s if you’re ready for the journey!


Key Qualifications

Master of Psychology
Monash University, VIC

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Flinders University of South Australia

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Flinders University of South Australia

Diploma in Holistic Counselling
Metavision Institute, NSW

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training
Neuroads, TAS

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Sydney College of Law, NSW

GCI Coaching Foundations Training
Global Coaching Institute, VIC

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training
Adelaide, SA

Somatic Psychotherapy Training
Melbourne, VIC

Personal Empowerment Coaching and Facilitation

The Sophia Way

I believe that everyone―yes, including you―can be deeply connected with yourself and your world. And I trust in my signature philosophy to get you there!

Trust in integrity.

My signature programs and 1:1 coaching framework blend strong ethical foundations with my unique professional depth and breadth and my lived experience.

Find safety in authenticity.

Everything that forms part of The Zebra Crossing Framework™ is built on honest communication and real-life experiences so you can fully access your inner truth.

Explore through play.

Who said self-discovery had to be serious? Creative practices and curious explorations form a vital part of the exercises and group sessions. Expect moments of silliness, laughter and creative self-expression to enhance your journey.

Thrive within connection.

Each Zebra Crossing Project™ group component allows you to expand your journey with like-minded souls and nature by your side. Everything comes from a space of intuitive flow and grounding where time in nature, embodied movement and meditation nurture your experiences.

Expand with depth.

Every exercise facilitates your inner journey with a focus on diving deep within yourself and
you in relationship, because the truth of who we are is found in the depths of exploration and connection.

Believe in growth.

Transformational growth is pivotal for change and possible for anyone. It is supported
through safely facilitated group processes, group connection and individual exercises.

Ready to join a group of like-minded souls in The Zebra Crossing Project™?