The Intuitive Invitation™

An experiential group program that will support you to deepen into your intuitive wisdom.

Start date: 24th June 2024

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What if you intuitively made decisions that simply felt good?

You could treat decision-paralysis as a thing of the past and finally step into the aligned life you deserve.

Join the safe space to take you on a transformational journey that finally empowers you to confidently follow your own guidance.

It connects you with your intuitive wisdom so you can…

  1. 1

    Let it guide you in all your personal and professional decisions

  2. 2

    Sail through obstacles with more ease and poise

  3. 3

    Set firm boundaries within your relationships

  4. 4

    Confidently choose what’s best for you

The Intuitive Invitation™ is specifically designed to integrate intuitive wisdom into your every day so you can step into the aligned version of your life.


“The Intuitive Invitation™ was an experience that took me deeper to a world I knew existed but never had an opportunity to explore. It helped gain awareness into what I need in order to thrive in my life, and that I am truly capable to do so.”


- Diane


“My experience has been life changing. If you are feeling overwhelmed and fearful at the moment, then The Intuitive Invitation™ is for you. The learning experience was so grounding, connecting and nourishing. Sophia guides you through learning about how you can connect to your inner knowing and also how to connect with your own body, those around you and the natural environment. I can't recommend the course highly enough.”


- Steph

Are you ready to trust the signals you’re receiving?

To evolve in a safe and welcoming space?

To take the next step on your path of self-development?

To expand your consciousness and connect more deeply to yourself?

Are you ready to finally feel when things are in alignment?
And most importantly when they are not?

Then this is the program for YOU.

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