Courageously YOU™

The guided journey to purpose, passion and personal power that will take you from ordinary to the extraordinary.

Start Date: 22nd April 2024

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It's time to discover what standing tall in your full, authentic expression really feels like

Right now life feels somewhat ordinary.

Am I right?

You prioritise people pleasing over meeting your own needs.
You move in and out of overwhelm, with the pressures of life.
You're stuck in a vicious cycle of chaos and then calm.
Self-doubt keeps creeping in.

But there's this feeling deep inside you that this can't be it.

There must be another way.

A way of being that...
  • 1

    Nourishes yourself and allows you to slow down

  • 2

    Recognises and releases unhealthy patterns

  • 3

    Is rooted in a deep acceptance of being you

  • 4

    Supports the importance of connection

  • 5

    Trusts in the calling of your soul

  • A way of being that feels a lot closer to home.

  • From what I can see...

    It’s time to add that *sparkle* to your life

    The way to go about it?
    Becoming more purposeful, passionate and powerful in your unique expression of you and your life calling.

    But let me guess:
    You've tried that before. With mixed results.

    And all your efforts have made you feel even more frustrated and exhausted.

    At the same time, deep inside you know that you’re ready to...

    Have a stronger understanding of your values, needs and passions

    Feel more compassion and gratitude towards yourself

    Deeply connect with the true you and the world beyond

    Recognise and shift your ingrained limiting patterns

    Live an inspired and purpose-filled life

    While this idea might seem like a fantasy right now...

    ...there’s a clear path to get you there

    What you really need is genuine, holistic guidance and support.

    Not another DIY attempt.

    What you need is a framework that...

    1. 1

      Identifies and overcomes the obstacles between you and the impactful life you desire

    2. 2

      Cultivates inner and outer connections for complete expansion

    3. 3

      Supports you with embodied practices for aligned living

    4. 4

      Gives you clarity around your core values and dreams

    A framework that finally gives you the confidence, courage and commitment to authentically be YOU


    What you need is a Holistic Change Specialist by your side and the deep connections within a group of like-minded souls developing similar ideas.


    Courageously YOU™

    The signature 14-week group program for soul-searching Zebras like you ready to finally flaunt your stripes no matter what everyone else thinks.

    This is your calling to embark on a journey to purpose, passion and personal power that will take you from surviving to thriving.

    If you’re done with shifting your beliefs one podcast episode at a time and instead want to take holistic action that introduces you to long-term strategies and tools that go beyond the ordinary…

    ...then this is the program for you.

    Start Date: 18th September 2023


    “If you’ve been secretly wishing for a chance to re-birth your soul’s wildest dreams; to uncover your hidden passions and needs; to learn how to realign with your core values and be lovingly held, supported and seen, then this program is just what you need.

    A part of you might be thinking that you’re not capable of changing or not brave to be seen. But deep down inside of you lies a voice that whispers or screams!

    It knows of your true shining essence, and all of your heart’s dreams. Let that voice guide you. Let it take the lead. And watch the program transform you and grow all of your heart’s seeds.”


    - Rawia

    Join the holistic group program specifically designed to help you…

    Find deep connection with other curious souls who see the world differently

    Step into a more self-loving, authentic and grounded version of you

    Enter the sweet spot between spirituality, psychology and science

    Gain a clear perspective of who and where you are in life

    And ultimately give you the support and tools to fully step into your purpose.

    Whatever that looks like for you!

    But who am I to talk?

    Hi, I’m Sophia.

    The path that led me here has been anything but conventional. And it’s been eye-opening to say the least.

    You’re looking at intense work as a criminal and human rights lawyer,
    an international and indigenous community development consultant, a
    refugee trauma specialist, and most recently a holistic psychologist &
    change specialist.

    Those many varied avenues have opened me up to the rich cultural and inner landscapes of humanity with all their facets.

    What has moved me most?
    The magic that happens when people deeply connect with themselves and their natural and spiritual environments. And the transformational journeys people have undergone when courageously committing to being themselves, wholeheartedly.

    This program is the result of my unique blend of professional and personal life experiences.

    It’s my way to support you on your spiritual and personal journey into
    more aligned and purposeful living.


    How will Courageously YOU™ support you on your journey?

    With the signature Zebra Crossing Framework™, tried-and-tested strategies and my holistic guidance.

    When you join Courageously YOU™ you get:

    Access to The Zebra Crossing Framework™

    The Zebra Crossing Framework™ is the perfect intersection of spirituality, psychology and science. It helps you to explore who you are more deeply, expand your connectivity and *sparkle*, and express your unique self whole-heartedly in a space of deep empowerment.

    Weekly 45 min - 60 min Training Sessions

    Every week we’ll explore another aspect that will progress your personal journey. This is where I’ll introduce a new idea and explain the concepts according to the Zebra Crossing Framework™. This training session will be a video recording and you will receive a PDF of the training module.

    Weekly 90-min LIVE Exploration Sessions

    This is your weekly space for coaching, feedback and discussion regarding the week’s work. There will be small group exercises to deepen your understanding and guided journeys to expand your immersion.

    Unlimited Messenger Support

    Have me on call for any questions that emerge as you process the learnings and exercises throughout the program. With unlimited private messaging access to me from Monday to Friday, you’ve just found your biggest personal supporter.

    Access to the members-only Group

    Connect, share insights and grow with your fellow Courageously YOU™ members in the private Group. It’s the safe space to build life-long connections.

    Weekly Homeplay

    Use the weekly exercises and processes to internalise the learnings in your own space and time. They’re designed to help you turn the weekly topic into takeaways unique to you.


    2 x 1:1 30-minute Nourishing YOU Sessions

    This is your opportunity to have my undivided attention on your personal hurdles or progress. This is where you decide the agenda and we tailor the time 100% to you and your needs in that moment in time.

    The Courageously YOU™ Handbook

    Handbook for Courageously YOU™ after course completion so you can revisit them over time.

    One-off Payment*

    AUD$2850 + GST


    *Payment plans available upon request

    5% goes to a humanitarian or environmental cause we love.


    “Courageously YOU™ was a deep dive that I could not have anticipated. With the beautiful, loving support and encouragement of Sophia I was able to honestly address limiting beliefs and move toward letting these go in order to step into a more self-loving, authentic and aligned version of me.

    The course provided connection with others, and a wealth of resources and tools that were thoughtfully offered during the journey, but also extended and supported my integration following the course.”


    - Lizzie

    What will we explore?

    Across 14 progressive weeks we’ll clear, connect with and create your unique path to purpose, passion and personal power so you can go from ordinary to the extraordinary. There will be x2 integration weeks with no sessions or new material to support your assimilation.


    Week 1

    Clear the Clutter - An Introduction

    Understand how, why and where limiting patterns manifest in your being and why it is important to clear them.

    Week 2

    The Flair of Aware

    Develop an aptitude for self-awareness to support the change process

    Week 3

    Access the Distress

    Access the distressing limiting patterns to pinpoint the barriers to more purpose, passion and personal power

    Week 4

    Address with Finesse

    Use effective ‘clearing’ strategies to address your limiting patterns

    Week 5


    Deepen your assimilation of the CLEAR material through reflection and further practice


    Week 6

    Elect to Connect - An Introduction

    Understand the Four Pillars of Connection™ and what it really means to be connected

    Week 7

    The Knack of the Know

    Get to KNOW your values and needs for a fulfilling & purposeful life according to the Four Pillars of Connection

    Week 8

    Grow your Greatness

    Change “nourishes” for “fulfills”

    Week 9

    The Gift of Glow

    Learn how to glow brightly through alignment with your values and needs

    Week 10


    Deepen your assimilation of the CONNECT material through reflection and further practice


    Week 11

    Cultivate to Create - An Introduction

    Understand the importance of cultivating confidence, courage and commitment to create your
    inspired, impactful life

    Week 12

    The Consequence of Confidence

    Create freedom from self-doubt & self-limitation

    Week 13

    Consistent Courage

    Transform your relationship with fear to consistently be courageous

    Week 14

    The Commitment Challenge

    Challenge yourself to commit daily to a passionately empowered, purposeful life unique to you.

    Let’s hear some Courageously YOU™ experiences firsthand

    Do I see you longing for that shift in your life?

    Then now’s the moment to say YES to…

    1. 1

      Your needs in this moment right here, right now

    2. 2

      Freeing up the internal clutter so you can finally thrive

    3. 3

      Letting go of what has been so you can take the next glorious step

    4. 4

      Joining a community of like-minded souls developing similar ideas

    Now’s the moment to ask yourself:
    “How do I want to be from now on?”


    “Sophia has created a dynamic and insightful program and her gentle guidance supports you to access awareness and create changes yourself. It's an empowering process and throughout I have created my own unique steps to living in authentic alignment.”

    - Adlena

    Finding you all the way at the bottom of the page tells me that this really resonates with you or you’re left with unanswered questions.

    Why don’t we answer those for you right now?

    Ready to begin your transformational journey today?

    Access to The Zebra Crossing Framework™

    Weekly Video Training Sessions

    Weekly Exploration Sessions

    Unlimited Messenger Support

    Access to the members-only Facebook Group

    Weekly Homeplay


    2 x 1:1 30-minute Nourishing YOU Sessions

    The Courageously YOU™ Handbook

    One-off Payment*

    AUD$2850 + GST

    *Payment plans available upon request

    5% goes to a humanitarian or environmental cause we love.